Hello and welcome to my ‘sparkling’ new corner of the world, Accessory Edit.

When I started being hit with ideas for fashion jewellery designs last summer (and had the kernel of an idea for this accessories blog), it seemed completely out of left field.

In my ‘normal’ life, I write fiction (romantic comedies!), do a bit of freelance journalism (my first career) and play mum to young twin sons.

I thought making jewellery was just another fad – another distraction from writing – like my recent hobby, upcycling vintage furniture.

But then I remembered that jewellery has always been a part of my life, it just got ‘buried’ by work, motherhood etc. I’d forgotten about it!

Here are some ways that jewellery has touched my life:

  • As a teen and twenty-something, I started a few jewellery ‘lines’ (though never really knew how to make a profit out of them. This was before markets were cool and the birth of social media!) There was the jewellery I made out of seed beads and sequins with the badly-named label, Funky Glorita. Somehow I even got local TV personalities Nuala Hafner and Jane Doyle to wear some glitzy earrings on-air, and hence, scored a spot in a newspaper gossip column.
  • Another time I got into making jewellery out of white lace (before anyone else was doing it, and most thought I was mad), along with upcycling vintage pieces. I sold some gear through Adelaide boutique Miss Gladys Sym Choon after cold-calling several places (the bravery of the young).
  • For several years I freelanced for a jewellery trade magazine, and through this, got to attend an international jewellery trade show in Italy FOUR TIMES! The fair’s called VicenzaOro, runs over five days, and attracts tens of thousands of people from all over the world. As a member of the international media pack, I got to attend swish soirees and eat Italian wedding-style food every meal time. No joke! Chocolate fondue for breakfast, anybody? (Check out me and my ‘fondue face’, below.) Before that, I did fashion writing and styling for mags and newspapers.
  • I’m from Adelaide but lived in Sydney for three years. When blogging was the ‘new black’, I started a jewellery blog over there, Diamonds & Whirls, with an unwieldy web address. Mostly I just posted jewellery pics that PRs sent me… While in NSW, I also attended a silver-smithing workshop (which I sucked at), and later took off on an Outback trip, where I tried crazy things like fossicking for garnets.

Now I’m back, making bead-focused jewellery with some help from my mum (a former fashion designer and dressmaker) and selling it through Adelaide boutique Relove, in-store and online, and Glenelg’s Mockingbird Lounge. Plus, of course, blogging!

With this blog, I plan to work a little harder than before 😉 I’m going to be interviewing local accessory designers (shoe and bag queens included), updating y’all on accessory trends, peeking into the accessory drawers of style queens, and looking into quirky jewellery stuff like psychometry (psychic readings of jewellery) and shopping for estate jewellery.

I hope you’ll dip back in again soon!

Until next time,
Carla x

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